Some thoughts on BIM Managers…..

BIM Management is the key for implementing BIM in any organization

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I’m was going to start off this years first weekly Roundup with 3 post all linked together about something I fight for every time I going into a Clients office for a BIM implementation meeting……..You will need a BIM Manager. However as I started working on it, I though this topic (and the 3 blog posts) really should have their own post, so that’s what I did.

The post that began it all was an article from Linked in by Mark Gibbons  called “Yes, your firm needs a BIM Manager” that as you can guess is about why firms need a BIM Manger on staff. Or at least someone capable of doing what a BIM Manager would, even if its only part time. My favourite part of the article, which I 110% agree with is this:  “Whether your firm has a full-time BIM Manager or someone within the firm capable…

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