How BIM facilitates cost estimation in construction

The great possibilities that BIM gives to the Building Industry

BIM Outsourcing

BIM 5D alias Cost estimation with BIM is performed by assigning a 3D model to an estimation database (a 5D cost library). Higher levels of details are included to these estimates at different phases of the project.

3D models are delivered with many dimensional objects and interrelated information concerning the elements of these objects like the quantity and specification details.

Here, in BIM, the information regarding every element is linked with the equivalent geometry. Any modification in the design will result in alteration in geometry and therefore the related information is also updated immediately.

So these details provide perfect & automatic quantification together with precise and well-organized cost estimation which can reduce the decade long time consuming & error prone manual takeoff processes.

Cost estimators, having sound knowledge in BIM workflow, will be able to produce precise and instant cost estimation through 5D BIM functions as well as automatic quantification.

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