BIM & SCAN : Integration for Prospect with Headcount Engineering

BIM Outsourcing

The UK 2016 government mandate expresses the need for efficient BIM methodologies, e.g. stakeholder collaboration and utilization of BIM standards, in its 2011 Government Construction Strategy, and the Irish AEC/FM sector (and EU in general) are following suit with these guidelines, standards, and protocols.

The US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calculated an estimation in 2004 that $4.8 billion was used up every year just to confirm that the captured building information symbolizes exact building condition.

Presently the PAS 1192 documents recommend Level 2 BIM as the standard of integrated practice, but the goal of Headcount Engineering is the utilization of methodologies that will qualify the test of time and be relevant now and in the future, e.g. Level 3 utilizing open standards and virtual common data environments. These industry tendencies have been led Headcount Engineering in the directed to develop best practices in relation…

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