Construction Productivity Abysmal and Owners Failing in their Stewardship Role

LEAN Construction Project Delivery Methods - Job Order Contracting, IPD, 5D BIM

  • Technology is an enabler, but in itself incapable of truly impacting construction productivity… AND we are software developers!

    The key to construction productivity improvement lies within collaboration, standardized information, metrics, viable strategy, and continuous improvement… basically LEAN business process.

    That said, proven LEAN business process for construction have existed for decades… IPD – integrated project delivery for major new construction, and JOC – job order contracting for renovation, repair, sustainability and minor new construction… being notable examples. Supporting technology has been in place for similar time periods.

    Until Owners take responsibility for the built environment, significant construction productivity gain will remain impossible. Leadership and knowledge with respect to life-cycle management of the built environment is visibly lacking across most public and private sectors. We are well beyond time for change and the environmental/economic clock continues to click on.

    Construction Productivtiy Job Order Contracting / Integrated Project Delivery

    Construction Productivity - US DeclineJob Order Contracting - LEAN ConstructionJOC Paper

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