Fred Mills, Co-Founder of The B1M, speaks on 4D BIM

BIM Outsourcing

Fred Mills, Co-Founder of The B1M, briefly throws light on 4D BIM and how it impacts BIM projects through this exclusive youtube BIM video.

In simple terms, BIM is defined as the method of producing information models or data sets created with graphical and non-graphical information in a shared digital space called Common Data Environment (CDE). The information is developed in richness with the advancement of project phase till the whole data set is delivered to the Client and/or end user once the project is finished.

Once an information model is formed, scheduling data can be included to various components, providing perfect programme information and facilitating successive visuals concerning progression of project. This procedure is termed as 4D BIM.

Combining cost data with the purpose of supporting cost planning and creating estimates is identified as 5D BIM (…), whereas the addition of information to sustain facilities management and operation is…

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