Projects On-Time & On-Budget = Job Order Contracting

Collaborative construction delivery is a great improvement

LEAN Construction Project Delivery Methods - Job Order Contracting, IPD, 5D BIM

Construction Target - JOCHow many of your construction projects are on-time and on-budget?  If you are like almost most real property owners, the answer is very few.  On average, 2.5% of projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

The numerous renovation, repair, maintenance, and minor new construction projects encountered by real property owners are critical to life-safety, security, and the overall mission of an organization.

Isn’t it time to improve from 2.5% to 87%-91% of your construction project on-time and on-budget?   It’s possible with JOB ORDER CONTRACTING.

Learn more about LEAN, collaborative construction delivery.

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More Construction On-Time & On-Budget

“LEAN is the path to success”

LEAN Construction Project Delivery Methods - Job Order Contracting, IPD, 5D BIM

Improving Construction Productivity 2016

The single most important thing you can do to improve construction productivity, quality, and satisfaction is to focus upon collaborative construction delivery methods.

It is the construction delivery method that defines relationships, responsibilities, levels of risk, deliverables, timelines, techniques, reporting requirements, and ultimately project success.

Great teams and long term relationships don’t just happen, they are built.  They are formed upon a foundation of mutual trust, transparency, communication, collaboration, and shared risk/reward.

The path toward achievement of best outcomes in terms of quality, productivity, and satisfaction is paved with LEAN best management practices.   The Toyota Production System (TPS) is perhaps the best documented LEAN process.   It has now moved into virtually every industry sector.

In construction, LEAN takes the form of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for major new construction, and Job Order Contracting (JOC) for renovation, repair, and minor new construction.

If, as an real property Owner, a Contractor, Sub…

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